Rx Racial Healing
Rx Racial Healing

Rx Racial Healing

Setting our nation on an irreversible path toward racial healing & equity
Dr. Gail C. Christopher | Ntianu Center

Why Rx Racial Healing

TEDx Talk on Why Rx Racial Healing by Dr. Gail C. Christopher

Watch Rx Racial Healing founder, Dr. Gail C. Christopher on TedX sharing why this work is vital for the health of our nation.

Why Rx Racial Healing?

Racism persists in our nation largely due to our failure to disavow the embedded belief in a hierarchy of human value.  This belief and the systems and public policies it has generated have caused centuries of harmful discrimination.  Today, growing inequality and dramatic demographic changes demand that we create enduring racial equity in order to maintain our political and economic strength and the integrity of our democracy.  Going beyond treating the symptoms of racism, Rx Racial Healing methodology works to eradicate the belief in racial hierarchy altogether. Through this work, RxRH advocates for implementing long-term policies that recognize the interconnectedness of racial equity in housing, education, health, and economic opportunity and that lead inexorably toward enduring national well-being.

Our vision is to set this nation on an irreversible path toward racial healing and racial equity. A majority of children today are children of color. They, and all of us, deserve to live in a society that has jettisoned the belief in a hierarchy of human value—a society free of racism.  Polls indicate that most Americans believe that race relations are getting worse.  Diversity is increasing while our civility is waning.  Yet, most Americans also believe that we must find ways to overcome our divisions.

The Rx Racial Healing mission is to generate a critical mass of people committed to working together to end racism and the inequities it has created. 

Architect and systems thinker Buckminster Fuller said:

“You never change things by fighting the existing model.  You must create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

We represent such a model.  We will help people to tap into a new sense of shared humanity and to envision and create a future in which our society is transformed and all, especially our children, can thrive.


Map of Events

2018-2022 Speeches, Workshops & Training Led by Dr. Gail C. Christopher


Virtual Rx Racial Healing for Co-Facilitators Workshop (online)

Next session: October 13 & 14 2023

The Ntianu Center for Healing & Nature is pleased to offer the next two-day Rx Racial Healing Workshop for Co-Facilitators on Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14 this fall 2023 from10am to 3pm both sessions. This workshop is designed for leaders and those working on racial healing for communities and organizations. Registration fee is $700.

Participatory Modules 1 and 2 – What We Need to Know About Rx Racial Healing
Participatory Modules 2 and 3 – How We Need To Be as Co-Facilitators and Why

Participants will improve their skills and gain an increased understanding of key Rx Racial Healing concepts, including the ABCs of Racial Healing (Affirmation, Belonging and Consciousness Change), Racial HierarchyBiasHealing, and explore how to design effective racial healing circles.

This virtual workshop will be conducted online by Dr. Gail C. Christopher.